ellas Facial Beauty Brush offers a deeper and more thorough cleaning experience than just using your fingers or a washcloth.

ellas facial beauty brush

T-Zone touchpoints are designed for the areas that need a deeper cleaning and to give users a comfortable massage experience.

Touchpoints underneath the T-Zone are used to clean the dirt and remove make-up residue.

The unique touch points on the back are specially designed for a body massage.

The double-sided brush head can effectively clean facial skin to keep a youthful appearance.

With five different Sonic pulsation levels, the Ellas Facial Beauty Brush is suitable for various skin types like normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin.

Not only does your skin benefit from a deeper facial cleansing, but it also gains a better blood circulation, relieves fatigue, effectively soothes expression lines, brightens the skin and restores your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Transform your daily routine with ellas Facial Beauty Brush. Your skin will feel soft and smooth in just one minute.

A soft and smooth skin in 60 seconds with the ellas Facial Beauty Brush.



Remove all make-up and then apply your regular cleansing product. Turn on your ellas Facial Beauty Brush by pressing the middle button once.

Proceed systematically by dividing your face into four imaginary zones as shown in the above photo and allow 15 seconds per area.



Start by cleaning your forehead and temple areas by making gentle circular movements without using too much pressure.

Then make the jump to the chin and surrounding area around the mouth. After about 15 seconds you, focus on the left side of your face. It is now time for the cheeks, cheekbone and the more sensitive skin under your eyes. Do not use the ellas Facial Beauty Brush on your eyeballs.

Tilt the Brush to reach the more difficult areas around the nose. The T-Zone Touchpoints are perfect for cleaning the nostrils since grease often accumulates there.

After cleaning the bridge of your nose, move from your nose to the right side of your face and perform the same routine as done with the left side of your face.



After treatment, rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat your face dry with a clean, soft cloth.

The 60-second cleaning treatment is now complete!

You can now (if desired) apply your favorite skincare cream and enjoy a clean, smooth and glowing skin.

The advantages at a glance
when it comes to using the ellas Facial Beauty Brush

No expensive replacement
of Brush Heads required

Over 1600 Soft Silicone Touchpoints for a deeper cleaning of grease, dirt and make-up

8500 powerful T-Sonic
Pulsations per Minute

Body Massage Touchpoints to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles & restore skin’s firmness

The ellas Facial Beauty Brush shuts off automatically after 3 minutes


Made of Food Grade Silicone which is easy-to-clean, non-porous, hypoallergenic, BPA free and helps resist bacteria buildup

Five adjustable intensities, suitable
for all skin types

Over 100 uses per single charge. Fully charged within 2 hours

IPX6 waterproof design, safe for use in the bath or shower

Easy and quick to recharge with a USB cable in the included charging base

What’s in the box?

The ellas Facial Beauty Brush comes with its own luxury box,
charging base, durable USB power cord, and user guide.

ellas facial beauty brush in box blue
ellas facial beauty brush pink
ellas facial beauty brush in charger
ellas facial beauty brush icons